What is Bad Software Advice?

My inbox is full of newsletters telling me how to be a better programmer, manager, husband, athlete, etc.

What I don’t get delivered to my inbox is a list containing what I should not be doing. In the software industry, we call these anti-patterns - common traps that many people walk into. Reading about them can help you learn and stimulate your creativity.

This newsletter will give you Bad Software Advice about all aspects that go into building, selling, and maintaining software and software companies. It will be short, snarky, and sarcastic.

About the Author

I have been writing code and/or building teams for 20+ years as a consultant, employee, or founder. I’ve seen and done some things, good and bad, and know a few things about a few things.

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About this Newsletter

These posts are not based on specific employment or consulting engagements from my career. This song is not about you; anything I write about here I have seen at multiple companies (or done myself). The names and places have been changed to protect the guilty (including me). See further Terms and Conditions.

The tone of these posts might imply that I’m faultless, preachy, narrow-minded, or mean. I only intend to show you where not to step because I have stepped there, and it hurt. Please assume positive intent; I hope you find this newsletter helpful. Thanks for listening.

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